Drywall Repair in Raleigh, NC

Drywall repair

Restore the Functionality of Your Walls

Noticing a dent on your wall or its deterioration because of a leaking pipe is not an appealing sight to any homeowner. Restoring your drywall can prove a challenging task, one that you should only trust a professional contractor to help solve. When facing such an issue in Raleigh, NC contact, All Paint Services for lasting solutions. Timely dealing with the problem can prove the difference whether you spend more or less on the repairs. Issues such as leaks can lead to more problems such as mold. Dents can also grow in size if you do not catch them in time. Hence, to make sure you avoid further problems, call immediately if you notice an issue. For more information or to schedule our drywall repair services in Raleigh, NC give us a call today at (919) 521-0322.

What Causes Drywall Damages

There are reasons behind the problems you are having with your wall. The following are the causes of damages to your drywall.

  • Water Damage: One of the leading causes of drywall problems is plumbing leaks. It could either be a leaking pipe in the ceiling or wall. The leak could be because of your aging plumbing system or poor installation. If you spot a bulge in your wall, then your wall is suffering from water damage. It does not matter the property, whether commercial or residential, give us a call in the face of such a problem. Once you have a plumber repair the leaking pipe, we will repaint your wall, restoring its aesthetic value.
  • Holes or Dents: Dents or holes are practical problems with your drywall. It could be because of furniture bumps or your kids playing aggressively. When you notice a hole or dent in your wall, call us for patching or replacement. By dealing with the problem on time, you will prevent it from becoming severe.
  • Poor Installation: Faulty installation is another reason behind your drywall problems. Some contractors use dry tape to hold the walls together during installation. Over time, the stickiness of the tape will reduce, letting your walls bow. This way, your wall can crack or fall off over time. Another sign of poor installation is the popping off of nails. Do not hammer back the nails.

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